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Electric Bevel Gearbox

Electric Bevel Gearbox which is also called multi turn  gearbox, Bevel  Gear operator.
HNTB operators are intended for operation of ball valve, plug valve, butterfly valves as well as power and process dampers.The usage of high grade of materials provides a tough.reliable unit for the automation of today’s high performance industrial valves,with memory stops,spur gears and limit switch can be easily assembly on site .
Similar Brand of multi -turn gearbox:
HUNAN TB VALVE CO.,LTD will be your qualified supplier on Quarter-turn gearbox and Multi-turn gearbox.

Technical Datas

HNTB Electric Bevel Gearbox  with basic  technical datas as below,for more details please email us info@hntbvalve.com or add our whatsapp:+86-19119291431

Single -Stage Bevel Gearbox and Double-stages Bevel Gearbox

Type Model: TB-V-D, TB-V-SD

Output torque: 216-100000Nm

Material: A216WCB( choosen: CF8,CF8M,LCE,LCB)

IP Grade: IP66-68, Immersion acc to special requests.


The gear actuator can be installed directly on the gate valve, globe valve and so on, by using spiral bevel gears and thrust ball bearing, the gear actuator can run smoonthly and have high output torque, low noise and high efficience,bevel gearbox can avoid from waterproof and oil leakage as sealing glands are used at all the through part, all the protection grade can be IP66 to IP68.the handwheel and the stem covers can be customized,for different valves and requirements,there more single star actuator with motor flange,double stair gear actuator with motor flange and double stair gear actuator with handwheel