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HUNAN TB VALVE CO.,LTD is a company which supply quarter turn gearbox and multi turn gearbox for assembly on valves.

HNTB gearbox can be used in gate valve, check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve,plug valve, rotaory ball valve, also it can be worked com ine with electric actuator, pnumatic actuator, hydraulic actuator.
HNTB gearbox main materials for gearbox housing are: CF8M , CF8, LCB, LC1,WCB, QT450 etc. stem nut and gear of D2, H94,H62 and QT450, all products can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements of ratio, temperature,
protection grade,anticorrosion grade.

HNTB gearbox Output torque range from 100Nm-170 0000Nm
HNTB gearbox IP Grade: IP66-68 and even immersion type
HNTB gearbox temperature: normal , high, low temperature

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